Veestro Review

Healthy eating made easy and delicious!

What is Veestro? Our Review of Veestro’s Meal Plans

Need a healthy alternative to grabbing dinner? While not solely for vegetarians or vegans, the plant focused meal delivery service has multiple options for sending you great tasting meals ready to cook that is made from fresh ingredients.

The company offers many healthy meals that appeal to many. Vegetarian, meat lovers, and even gluten free meals exist within they entree selection. Veestro focuses on the healthy benefits of using plants and vegetables within every meal or juice so you don’t need to worry about getting a healthy meal prepared for you and your loved ones. With so many meal delivery services out there, Veestro offers one of the better healthy eating habit services that you can get for the money.

What comes in the box?

Veestro has healthy options for many different types of meals, diets, and plans. Depending on what you want, your box might look very different than someone else subscribed to the same Veestro brand.

Plans for any person


For instance, if you are focusing on protein intake for body building, you don’t need to meal plan anymore! Veestro has a plan built just for you called the protein power pack. This pack comes with 24 meals which include things like Enchilada Casserole, Country Fried Chick’n, and Moroccan Melange.

On the other hand, they also have plans focused on weight loss. These meals are designed to help you eat healthy while cutting down on calories. Since many weight loss plans are focused around the meal planning, this option can be incredibly helpful and encouraging. You won’t need to grocery shop hungry as the meals are delivered to you on a weekly or biweekly basis.   

Veestro Juice Cleanses

Veestro also carries juice cleanses. Juices come in bottles and are planned out in 3 or 5 day periods. Again, no need to blend any vegetables and fruits. The work has already been done for you.

This is just a small sampling of what Veestro has to offer. There are many plans available that we encourage you to check out. No matter what type of person you are, you can likely find a plan that meets your budget and taste. If you want to try something out, you can even choose their a la carte option and pick meals one by one!

Check out their pricing plans below for more information on the different packages they have to offer and find one that fits your needs.

Veestro Cost and Pricing Packages

Below is a table of Veestro’s packages and how much they cost. Depending on the plan, you’ll be looking at about $8 per meal which comes to your door ready to cook.

Package Price  Info
Starter Packs $99.00 More Info
21 Day Kickstart $229.00 More Info
High Protein $199.00 More Info
Gluten Free $199.00 More Info
Meatless Monday $199.00 More Info
Lunchbox Pack $199.00 More Info
Wedding Prep Pack $260.00 More Info
Weight Loss: light-weight plan 1 $209.00 More Info
Weight Loss: more to please plan 2 $269.00 More Info
Weight Loss: all-pleasing plan 3 $329.00 More Info
3 Day Juice Cleanse $119.00 More Info
5 Day Juice Cleanse $189.00 More Info

A la Carte items

If you’re picky about what you get in your Veestro delivery, you can hand select what you get via the ala carte option. Or if you finish the starter pack and crave a certain meal, you can order that whenever you want! Individual meals start around $10 with juices and yes, even desserts, starting around $6 each.

Is Veestro worth it?

In regards to meal delivery services, you’re getting a high quality meal for under $10. The curation is top notch and you know it’s fresh. If you struggle to plan a healthy meal, enjoy cooking your own food, and desire to live a healthy lifestyle then Veestro is worth every penny. That is the only criteria, and since they have different meal plans for different things (weight loss, protein, etc), you know you’ll find something for you in their subscriptions.

Things you should know

If you plan on using the service over and over again, opt in for the auto delivery option which will save you 5% on your orders.

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Veestro Coupons and Discounts

We’ve been seeing some coupons floating around the veestro site. Be sure to try any of the following coupons during checkout:

  • 10% off with coupon code “10HAPPY”
  • 20% off and free shipping with coupon code “MINNIE20”
  • 20% off with coupon code “20PLEASE”
  • 25% off any 21 Day Kickstart Plan with coupon code “KICKSTART25”
  • 25% off everything with coupon code “FLASH25”

Veestro Alternatives and Competitors

The meal delivery service subscription box alternatives are endless! While we think Veestro is one of the better ones, here is a list of some alternatives:

  • Slogan Healthy eating made easy and delicious!