Short Par 4

What is the Short Par 4 Box?

The Short Par 4 subscription box sums up it’s origin from three basic principles: love for fashion, passion for golf, and a desire to save money. It is on these three ambitious pillars that Short Par 4 seeks to uphold with it’s customers. A grand promise, yet one that any golfer will greatly appreciate if upheld.

Short Par 4 prides itself on being able to deliver quality golf apparel at an affordable price point, which is rare in the golf industry. Any avid golfer knows that golf equipment and apparel can get pricey very quickly. This is where Short Par 4 steps in and aims to provide golfers with products from lesser-known brands, yet also include clothing from the “big” brands such as Under Armour Nike, and Puma.


What comes in the Short Par 4 box?

The Short Par 4 monthly box will include apparel from both the large brands and also smaller, lesser-known brands. Although some clothing will be coming from brands you may have never heard of, the quality of the clothing will never be sacrificed. When first signing up, you will need to select your preferred subscription package. The lower priced package is priced at $45/month and the higher tiered package is at $79/month (note*-prices are subject to change). You are then able to choose your style from the following four options.



If you are looking for more of a modern look to hit the links with, this may be your style. The color scheme and style for your clothing will be more clean and polished with deep tones and popping accents. Patterns may include: solids, stripes, and subtle textures. To give you an idea of a Pro golfer on the PGA Tour who dresses similar to this would be someone along the lines of Dustin Johnson or Zach Johnson.


Loud & Wild

Maybe you’re the guy or gal who is out to turn some heads out on the course. If so, this style will be for you. This style will better suit the person who is more bold and fun. One who is more relaxed about their game and is just out to have a good time. Colors will be bright, neon, and some unexpected mixes. You will probably find a lot of stripes or chevron patterns in the clothing delivered to you monthly. Ricky Fowler and Ian Poulter would be two accurate style comparisons.



Maybe you are the player is normally more competitive and tends to take the game more seriously than your buddies. Check out this style if that sounds like you. Nothing flashy. Colors will include neutrals with mild accents. Patterns will usually be solid and ultra-subtle textures. Do you like Fred Couples or Matt Kuchar dress out on the course? Then this style may be the one you want to go with.


All Styles

Last option! If you aren’t quite sure which style to go with, choose this one. You will get a mix of colors, patterns, and schemes in your monthly box and will keep you on your toes. There will be some months where you get solid, subtle color schemes and then other months with some more bright, fun clothing.




Short Par 4 Cost/Pricing

When it comes to selecting the right package for you, Short Par 4 makes it pretty simple. Unlike some other subscription boxes, Short Par 4 only offers two options, as mentioned earlier in this review.

The Fairway Membership costs $45/month which will get you 2-3 premium items each month.

The Executive Membership will cost you $79/month and will get you 3-4 premium items per month.


Simple as that. It should be noted here that Short Par 4 stresses that you will save over 50% off retail prices by using their subscription. From our experience and research, it appears that they live up to that promise. In the long run, you will save some money.

One last note here, you should take the time to do some research and find a coupon to achieve a little more of a discount. You may be able to find a coupon to save you a couple bucks on your first month.



Is Short Par 4 worth it?

The short answer: yes. If you are looking for a golf clothing subscription box, that is both affordable and includes quality products, this is a great option to choose. Some may gripe about the fact that the “big” brands aren’t always included in every month’s box, but Short Par 4 never says that they will do that. As stated in their three passions, they want to provide affordable, quality clothing to make sure you are looking as fly as possible for your next round of golf.


Things you should know

We already mentioned this above but to reiterate, make sure that you take a few minutes to find a coupon to get a further discount on your first month’s box.

Also, Short Par 4 allows you to cancel anytime without any cancellation fee. Not all boxes offer this perk and it is nice to have. Through some research we performed, several subscribers mentioned that they exercised this option and Short Par 4 honored their cancellation.


Short Par 4 competitors/alternatives

Similar boxes to Short Par 4 would include: BirdieBox and Bogey Box Golf Club.


If you’d like to explore getting started with Short Par 4, click the link below! *Disclaimer. If you end up signing up with Short Par 4, Box Grader will receive a commission so you can know that you are supporting our work!





BoxShort Par 4
Pricing1st Tier: $45/month
2nd Tier: $79/month
What's Included-Polos
Similar BoxesBirdieBox
Bogeybox Golf Club
Key Points-Free cancellation anytime
Retail Value (Savings) Rating4.5/5
Customer Service Rating4/5
Final Grade4/5