FabFitFun Subscription Box Review

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What is FabFitFun?

This highly recommended subscription box company has earned rave reviews for the amazingly high quality products that it sends to members in each box. It is the perfect way to treat yourself. You can even treat a loved one with a gift membership.

The way it works is that after joining, you will receive a carefully curated box of seasonal fitness, health, beauty, fashion and wellness products every three months. Boxes are delivered right to your door; it’s like getting a present every time a new box arrives. You won’t know what will be in each box…the surprise is all part of the fun!


What comes in the box?

The items that make up each box are selected by team members that work hard to remain aware of the latest and greatest products available on the market at the time. The fun lies in not knowing what goodies are going to arrive each time a new box is shipped. Here are a few examples of past boxes to give you an idea of what subscribers have enjoyed in the past:


Each box has a value of over $200 so you are sure to receive a good amount of high quality products. Many members have said that their favorite part of their subscription is getting goodies that they may not have otherwise chosen for themselves, or perhaps have never even heard of! Often times boxes debut cutting edge, new products that become cult favorites quickly.

Some members favorite products have included high end accessories such as scarves, beach gear and jewelry. Fitness buffs have enjoyed gym bags and yoga socks. Across the board, members raved when they saw coloring books and candles in their boxes; little treats that they probably wouldn’t have bought for themselves.

Beauty, skin and hair care products are included in each box. You may see a mineral skin peel, a gorgeous shade of lipstick, a bottle of lotion that smells and good as it feels on the skin or a perfect new hair accessory. The items included in each box are always well reviewed and well received. You are sure to be thrilled with each and every box.


FabFitFun Cost/Pricing


The FabFitFun box cost is an amazing value at $49.99 every 4 months. You pay quarterly and are rewarded with a box at your door every 3 months. There is also the option to pay for your membership all at once, with a discounted annual rate of $179.99. Shipping is always free and there are no hidden fees.


It’s always a good idea to consider how the price of a subscription box compares to what the individual items would cost if you were to purchase them online or in a local store. The beauty of this membership is that you are guaranteed to receive a substantial amount more in product value than you paid in your membership fees. It is an ideal way to help you have a little something fun to look forward to in the mailbox each season.


Is FabFitFun worth it?

As a busy working professional, stay at home mom, student, or girl who loves to try the latest and greatest products, it is without a doubt worth it to order this subscription box. Not only will becoming a member save you from spending hours going from store to store in an attempt to find the perfect item only to be disappointed, but it is a great value as well!

The time saving and financial benefits are amazing reasons to become a member, but it is also important to note the importance of self care and how this box can help you to better care for yourself. As women, we oftentimes take a back seat to the demands of family, work and social obligations. Signing up for a subscription box membership like this reminds us that we are important too. You deserve to have something nice that is just for you. In this regard, purchasing a membership is incredibly worth it to help you care for yourself.



Things you should know

Keep an eye on the email inbox that you used when you signed up for your membership. From time to time you may find a teaser email showing a sneak peek of what you might be receiving in your next box. Sometimes these emails make it harder to wait, but that’s all part of the fun!

It may seem like a disadvantage to not have any say in what items you will receive in each box, but it also provides a good opportunity to try new things. All members receive the same grouping of items in each box. From time to time there may be a product that just isn’t your cup of tea. No worries, simply pass it on to a friend, co worker or family member who just might absolutely love it! The beauty of belonging to a subscription box membership that provides products from a wide variety of companies and interests is that you get to try new things and share with those you love.


FabFitFun competitors/alternatives

Subscription boxes have become increasingly popular in recent years, so it is extra important to sign up with one that has the proven track record of keeping members happy and providing exceptional products. Some competitors in the health/beauty/fitness/fashion world of subscription boxes are:



Yogi Surprise


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