Chasin’ Unicorns

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Chasin’ Unicorns Overview:

Designed with self-care & self-love in mind, we will be putting together fun monthly boxes for you guys who want to get your monthly dose of Chasin’ Unicorn goodies. Boxes will include our LIMITED Edition bath bombs which will only be available in our monthly subscription boxes! They will also include, but not be limited to: full sized item selections, new products, sample sizes, crystals, sneak peak surprises, and items from other brands that we absolutely love.

Every month will be DIFFERENT! This monthly subscription box will save you money and give you exclusive items that are not available for purchase on the website, along with our limited edition bath bombs! Price includes shipping for US only.


What’s included in the Chasin’ Unicorns Box?

Monthly Self Love For The Soul.
Trial & Full Size Items
Our Current Favorite Self Care Products
Products From our Favorite Brands
Organic, Authentic, Ethically Sourced
Signature & Limited Edition Crystal Bath Bombs
First to Try New Shop Items!
Exclusive Finds
Up to $99 in value
Free US shipping

Please note: Boxes will ship the 15th of each month. If you subscribe to a box after the 15th you will be credited for next months box. And you will be billed the same day of every month, that you decide to subscribe to our box. Ex. If you subscribe on the first, you will be billed on the first.

You can cancel your subscription and monthly payments at any time.


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